Schedule and Pool Assignment Format:

Each team will play 3 games within a 4 team pool.
22 minute halves, 3 minute half time.

Team Pool Assignment:
The day after the NJSIAA group finals, team pools will be determined by their LaxPower rating.  The 4 highest ranked teams in LaxPower participating in the Jersey Strong will be a pool.  Then the next 4, and so on.

This is a fair and unbiased way to determine who will play who in the showcase.

· Each game will have two 22 minutes halves with a 3 minute halftime. All running time. Subs on the fly or at f/o’s – nothing different there.
· We will follow NCAA rules minus the f/o procedure penalty.
· The clearing team will have 30 seconds to get the ball in the box.
· On a flag down, per NCAA rules play will be stopped when the team that committed the penalty either gains possession of the ball or the ball goes out of bounds.
· There will be no Man-up/Man-down. The penalized player will leave the field immediately and the penalized team can substitute for him through the box once the player has exited the field. A restart will occur in the alley per officials discretion.
· NO timeouts