West Sussex S278 Agreement

Many projects require combined agreements under Section 278 and Section 38, as work on existing roads and the adoption of new roads are required. Senior Member: Councillor Roger Elkins roger.elkins@westsussex.gov.uk I refer to your request for information regarding Section 38 and Section 278 agreements regarding Bolnore Village, Haywards Heath. Your application will be processed in accordance with the 2004 Environmental Information Regulations. We have successfully represented Newhaven Port and Properties Limited (NPP) in a public inquiry into a request by the local City Council to amend the final pass card to include part of the NPP land to allow access to the beach that was the subject of the village`s green claim. We have filed a request for a diversion of a public road with a planning request for a new port and maintenance base and are currently reviewing the s106 agreement on this application. These agreements are very specific and only concern motorways and I would like to ask if there are “hundreds” of connecting points linked to this closer demand. However, if you feel that there are still too many documents to enter the scope of the BFIA, I would like to confirm the documents: I need copies of Section 38 for Phase 4a of Bolnore Village. As far as I know, this is usually combined with an agreement under section 278. Assuming that is the case, there is no need to separate them – it is only the agreement of section 38 for 4a that I need.

Please provide copies of the Section 38 and Section 278 agreements for the highways on the Bolnore Village property in Haywards Heath and all correspondence related to the before and after agreements. They describe information about the land border, but this is not particularly relevant in itself to the terms of the Section 38 agreement. Please confirm that it contains information from Section 38? Copies of the section 38 and section 278 agreements are not within the scope of freedom of information, but are, as usual, a matter for the commercial class. Please send your request to [email address] We advise you on the full range of highway problems that arise during the development process and beyond. We also have experience in consulting on right-of-way issues and their impact on development plans, the rights and commitments of landowners and road users, and how sites can be protected from the creation of rights of way. We have the legal expertise to help clients solve the complex problems caused by the rights of the route. In addition, we have a specialized infrastructure team that can enter into the necessary agreements to ensure the delivery, adoption and maintenance of infrastructure (i.e. agreements on the Water Management Act). Contact: Andrew Howick, Highway Agreements Team Manager Email: andrew.howick@westsussex.gov.uk Tel: 033 022 25704.

– the obligation/guarantee (and, if it is certain, the identity of the guarantor) of the agreement described above in accordance with Section 38. – the requirements that Phase 4a roads must meet to unload the obligation/safety. Visible links 1. ip.e-paycapita.com/AIP/itemSelec… 2. www.westsussex.gov.uk/ 3. mailto:[email address] “I found the company a polite and professional outfit.” Can you tell me what agreements you need? There are many agreements on this site and we charge a fee for copies as part of our standard procedures. Copies of all matches would also be subscribed. BFI since there would be hundreds of documents and it would take a long time to locate and scan everything.

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